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High Density Secure Pathology Slide/Tissue Block StorageApplicationsDownload
Mobility Bags Inventoried In Horizontal Carousels For Rapid DeploymentApplicationsDownload
Administration – Space-Saving & Safe Storage Of Patient Medical RecordsCase StudyDownload
Administration – Storing Of Media Equipment For StudentsCase StudyDownload
Electrics / Electronics – Error-Free Retrieval Of SMD Reels
Case StudyDownload
Warehouse & Distribution – Distribution of ToolsCase StudyDownload
Warehouse & Distribution – Spare Parts LogisticsCase StudyDownload
Warehouse & Distribution – Order Picking Of Automotive AccessoriesCase StudyDownload
Zimbrick European Reduced Floor Space by 84%, Increased Productivity 70%, Improved Work EnvironmentCase StudyDownload
Toyota Saved 87% Floor SpaceCase StudyDownload
Providing the fastest & most efficient service helps demonstrate Chauncey Ranch’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.Case Study Download 
FlightSafety International Keeps Parts Secure To Ensure A Smooth FlightCase StudyDownload
Centralized storage of SMT reels yield 73% space savings and 50% increased equipment productivityCase StudyDownload
Christie Provides Custom Built Solutions In 24 Hours By Improving Manufacturing EfficienciesCase StudyDownload
Bauer Compressors Regains 91% Floor Space and Increases Parts Inventory by 50%Case StudyDownload
10 Shuttle XP VLMs put Susquehanna Nuclear’s Main Warehouse On The GridCase StudyDownload
Shuttle VLMs Increased Productivity 44% and Reduced Labor in 70% Less Floor SpaceCase StudyDownload
Kubota Fulfills Parts Promise To Customers Keeping Parts Available for 20+ YearsCase StudyDownload
Okuma Warehouse Expands Vertically To Exceed Parts PromiseCase StudyDownload
VLMs Help Warehouse Keep Up With Precision Machining Job ShopCase StudyDownload
National Oilwell Varco’s Inventory Center Drills Down Floor Space & Increases Picking ProductivityCase StudyDownload
Automation Allows Growth While Freeing Up Production Floor Space & Adding More Part NumbersCase StudyDownload
Order Picking Costs Reduced by 88% With Perfect AccuracyCase Study Download 
Mazak Increased Productivity 80% Using 44% Less LaborCase StudyDownload
V&H: Who We Are & What We DoGeneralDownload
Automotive Dealership: Driving The Parts Department To Maximum PerformanceIndustriesDownload
Administration: Office Space That Works HarderIndustriesDownload
Electronics: Handling Highly Sensitive Items With Maximum FlexibilityIndustriesDownload
Machinery: Components, parts, and tools – always safe and within arm’s reachIndustriesDownload
Government Administration: Secure Storage With Quick AccessIndustriesDownload
Government DOD & Military: Secure Solutions That Get The Job DoneIndustriesDownload
Healthcare Services: Improved Service With Lower CostsIndustriesDownload
Medical Device Manufacturing: Parts Handling That Exceed Good Manufacturing PracticesIndustriesDownload
Storage System for the Mining IndustryIndustriesDownload
Oil & Gas: Keeping Your Manufacturing and Drilling Operations Flowing Industries Download 
Warehouse Distribution: Optimized Order Fulfillment to Streamline Picking, Packing & ShippingIndustriesDownload
Kardex Remstar: LR35 Vertical Buffer ModuleProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Megamat® RS – Vertical CarouselProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Intertex Storage SystemsProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Vertical Product Solutions OverviewProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Shuttle® XPProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Additional Vertical Storage SolutionsProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Software Solutions for Intralogistics ProcessesProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Horizontal CarouselProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Vertical Buffer ModuleProductDownload
Kardex Remstar: Lektriever® Electric Lateral File System
Cogan: How To Increase FloorspaceProductDownload
Cogan: How To Create A Secure WorkspaceProductDownload 
Cogan: How To Store Any Size Any ShapeProductDownload
Rousseau: Agricultural and Small Engine Equipment ProductDownload
Rousseau: Multitek CartProductDownload
Rousseau: R2V Vertical StorageProductDownload
Rousseau: Service Advisor DeskProductDownload
Rousseau: Spider® Shelving SystemProductDownload
Rousseau: Stack & Store Cabinet MezzanineProductDownload
Rousseau: The L CabinetProductDownload
Rousseau: WS:WM WorkcenterProductDownload
Maintenance – Maximize Uptime With Quick Access To MRO Parts, Tools & DiesProductDownload
Maintenance – Maximize Uptime With Quick Access To Spare PartsProductDownload
Optimized Order Picking With Vertical CarouselsWhite PaperDownload
Cost Avoidance for Lean OperationsWhite PaperDownload
Defining The Perfect OrderWhite PaperDownload
May The Labor Force Be With YouWhite PaperDownload
Calculating The True Cost Of A MispickWhite PaperDownload 
Five Criteria For Benchmarking Order FulfillmentWhite PaperDownload
Five Ways To Increase Productivity In Picking OperationsWhite PaperDownload
A New Approach To Minimizing Downtime In Highly Automated OperationsWhite PaperDownload
Calculating The True Cost Of MispickWhite PaperDownload
Cost Avoidance For Lean OperationsWhite PaperDownload
Defining The Perfect OrderWhite PaperDownload
Lean 2.0: Take Lean To The Next Level with Dynamic Picking SystemsWhite PaperDownload
Optimized Order Picking With Vertical CarouselWhite PaperDownload
Seize Manufacturing “Reshoring” Opportunities With ASRS EfficienciesWhite PaperDownload