HAI ROBOTICS is the pioneer and leader in autonomous case-handling robot systems. The company is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, and flexible automation solutions through advanced robotics and AI algorithms, creating value for every warehouse and factory. At V&H, we use products like HAI Robotics to design and install the warehouse solution to meet your needs.




The HAIPICK A42 is the ACR (autonomous case-handling robot), independently developed by HAI ROBOTICS. It can realize intelligent picking, storage, and simultaneous handling of multiple cases (up to 300kg on a single trip). It has the functions of autonomous navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and autonomous charging.

Key Features of the HAIPICK A42

  • Multi-case handling – Each robot can store up to 8+1 cases at the same time
  • Fast & stable – Stable speed is 1.8m/s
  • Ultra-wide picking range – Covers a broader storage space range from 0.4m to 5.2m
  • Flexible & customizable – Supports different customization requirements, including height and color


A Telescopic Lift ACR that adopts a telescopic lift function independently developed by HAI ROBOTICS, providing robotic warehouse automation solutions with ultra-high storage density reaching up to 10m high.

Key Features of the HAIPICK A42T

  • Fast & stable – Stable speed is 1.5m/s
  • Ultra-wide picking range – Covers a broader storage space range from 0.35m to 10m
  • Highly flexible body – Can flexibly shuttle through low door openings and low beams

HAIPICK A42T in action


The HAIPICK A3, Fork-Lifting ACR, series is a new generation of lift-type ACR (autonomous case-handling robot) developed by HAI ROBOTICS. It is suitable for various regular-shaped vehicles and is highly suitable for manufacturing SMT line-side scenarios. It is compatible with material specifications and height adjustment, and the docking upper and lower triggers can be infinitely adjusted within the height range of 330~1850mm.

Relying on the HAIQ platform, refined material management, full traceability of the operational capacity in the warehouse, and visualization of efficiency. Achieve information flow, accurate delivery of goods to person, and reduce the amount of stock in the buffer area. Support simultaneous transportation of 4 to 5 vehicles, and the utilization rate of storage space below 4 meters is high.

Key Features of the HAIPICK A3

  • Ultra-narrow body design – Body design at 700 mm to save storage space
  • Multi-layer storage trays – Meet the needs of multiple production lines
  • Fast inventory check – Precise delivery of materials
  • Hit the target quickly – Automate goods to person
  • Safe and reliable – Six major protective measures + dust-proof and anti-static
  • Stable operation – Run 5000 hours POC project without errors
  • Flexible expansion – Fast ROI

HAIPICK A3 In Action


In the complete Goods to Person solution, HAIPICK robots are dedicated to improving transport efficiency from warehouse to workstation. HAI ROBOTICS also developed HAISTATION, which is used to improve the efficiency of workstations to order cases. HAISTATION is a product portfolio composed of HAIPORT station, conveyor, put wall, buffer wall, workstation, robotic arm, etc. As the backend of the whole warehouse solution, HAISTATION can improve interaction efficiency with frontend robots, improve safety, friendliness, and operation efficiency of interaction between humans and robots, save floor space and improve the flexibility of installation and deployment.

Key Features of the HAISTATION

  • Safe – Automatically inbound and outbound. Workers and robots are separated to ensure safety.
  • Comfortable – The ergonomics design of the picking workstation delivers convenient operation, high efficiency, and low cost.
  • Efficient – Enables more efficient loading and uploading of cases. Significantly increases HAIPICK ACR’s efficiency.


HAIPORT-powered Workstation – HAIPORT-powered workstation is an automatic loading and unloading machine. It is composed of HAIPORT, conveyor, visual Kanban, put wall, pick to light system, and can easily dock with HAIPICK ACR to automatically unload, transport, and load cases from the robot’s storage tray, optimizing inbound and outbound processes.


On-conveyor Picking Workstation  – The on-conveyor picking workstation automatically conveys the cases unloaded by the HAIPICK robot or the cases that need to be loaded, realizing automated storage and retrieval functions. It offers an ergonomic design; the workers and HAIPICK robots are indirectly connected, and the goods can be sorted on the conveyor line without too much movement.

On-shelving Picking Workstation – The on-shelving picking workstation easily connects to HAIPICK robots to unloading and loading of cases, realizing automated inbound and outbound functions. Its convenient design delivers high efficiency by allowing the HAIPICK robot to unload cases directly to the buffer shelf and go. It does not need to wait for the worker to pick the cases. By doing this, efficiency is increased significantly.

Robotic Arm Workstation  – Robotic Arm Workstation is used to replace manual work in inbound and outbound when picking and transporting loaded or unloaded cases. The robotic arm, instead of manual picking, is integrated with a conveyor workstation or HAIPORT to achieve the work. The conveyor workstation or the automatic loading and unloading machine is connected with HAIPICK robots, automatically transporting the loaded or unloaded cases.

A Variety of Industries Use HAI ROBOTICS for their Robotic Warehouse Automation

See HAI AS/RS Warehouse Robots in Action

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