Automated, Vertical Carousels for Efficient, Tailor-Made Storage and Retrieval Processes

A vertical carousel consists of shelves or drawers that rotate up or down via the shortest path, automatically delivering stored items to an operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window. Each unit is compatible with an entire suite of software and controls or can be used as a standalone solution.

Benefits of Kardex Carousel Storage System

Reliability – Vertical Carousels have a higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure Rate) than most household appliances. An emergency hand crank makes inventory available 24-7 regardless of available power.

Increase Productivity – Utilizing the goods-to-person concept eliminates wasted time spent walking and searching to find required parts. With our vertical carousel, all products are delivered to the workstation, increasing productivity by up to ⅔ and eliminating reaching, kneeling, and climbing of ladders to access inventory.

Save Floor SpaceTaking advantage of unused overhead space, the Megamat RS can recover up to 75 percent of the floor space typically required by shelving and drawer systems. The recovered floor space can be used for value added activities such as additional manufacturing or quality control.

Safe &  SecureEquipped with photocells for both personnel and product for maximum safety. Stored goods are protected from unauthorized access by a lockable door. Security can be further increased with electronic locking doors and  Power Pick Global inventory management software. Software options are available for password protection and transaction tracking.

Improve Pick AccuracyVarious pick-to-light technologies can be integrated to increase accuracy up to 99.9 percent. The LED Navigation System located on the work counter can pinpoint the exact location of the part requested by displaying the location, part number and quantity for the operator to pick or put. Batch lights can be incorporated to allow for the picking of multiple orders simultaneously, greatly increasing the productivity of your facility.

ErgonomicsAll carriers are delivered to an ergonomically correct height eliminating operator bending and reaching reducing operator fatigue.

Energy SavingInstead of recovering energy, avoid using it in the first place. Thanks to the perfect interaction between the electric motor, highly efficient transmission and precision calibrated frequency converter, our vertical carousels consume up to 40 percent less energy, thereby significantly cutting life cycle costs (TCO).

Customizable Features For Your Vertical Carousel

Whether for smaller, medium-sized, or large companies, industry or trade, the units in the Megamat RS series can be adapted for virtually any application and combine supreme performance, maximum operating comfort, and attractive design.

Unit Options Available

  • ESD design
  • Divided frame side panels
  • Several access openings
  • Position indicator
  • Additional data interfaces
  • Function profile for the ergonomically affixing accessories
  • User management
  • Multiple operating languages
  • Clean room and temperature or humidity control.
  • Robotic interface.


Kardex Vertical Lift Module

4 Impressive Innovations of Our Carousel Storage Systems

Kardex Remstar vertica carousel
Increase picking performance while
reducing pick area & personel

Carousel Storage Systems are Multipurpose Carriers

Whether as a freestanding vertical carousel or integrated in a building over several floors, in highly dense storage facilities the Megamat RS creates the greatest possible capacity for the most diverse range of goods, from bulk material and small parts to multipart assembly groups and components. The multipurpose carriers can be adapted to almost any application and can also be retrofitted and converted depending on needs – for a secure investment, now and in the future.

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