Robotic Workcells For Factory Automation

We help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources. We are helping enterprises automate their entire factories, warehouses, or supply chain operations by deploying RIOS AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells. 

RIOS robotic workcells seamlessly integrate within operations and automate labor-intensive tasks, notably with packaging equipment and end of line packing operations. Maximize human workforce capabilities and shift valuable labor away from tasks that can be automated. RIOS technology can help automate factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations with AI-powered and dexterous robots by automating assembly lines, packaging operations, and production of all kinds. Information is valuable, and the workcell is able to collect and provide performance numbers and key indicators to manage business growth. 

At V&H Material Handling, we provide all-inclusive service with installation, programming, and maintenance in a Robots as a Service (RaaS) model. Let us help you streamline operations and end-of-line packaging by integrating RIOS robotic work cells to meet and exceed current line speeds

Key Benefits of Having RIOS AI Powered Robots for Your Factory Automation

Day One

RIOS robotic work cells are powered by AI and dedicated hardware to deliver value out of the box. The robotic work cells are easy to use and integrate within existing workflows.

Production-Grade Machines

RIOS AI powered robots are robust machines that meet throughputs and KPIs. These machines have practically zero downtime (99.6% uptime guaranteed).

Business Intelligence

Greater insights, control, and data visibility across processes, enabling stakeholders to make informed data-driven decisions. Ability to monitor your entire supply chain and predict when potential problems are going to arise.

Productivity Boosts

Reliable workforce that can scale with consumer demand. Machines work 1.5-2x faster than human operators.

RIOS Robotic Work Cell Features

Top 5 Ways RIOS AI Powered Robots Help with Factory Automation

  1. Manages continuous flow of boxes; handling crates, bins, totes, etc. 
  2. Adaptable to hundreds of skus with no additional programming
  3. Unloading various equipment or conveyors
  4. Integrates and works with existing line equipment
  5. Flexible out-feed with product counting

RIOS Robots Operation & Performance

Up to 60 Items Per Minute

in days

1.5x faster than human operator

Accuracy within 0.1

Data to future proof business

RIOS Robotic Workcells Seamlessly Integrate with Packaging Equipment

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