Intertex Storage Systems

Storage and Retrieval Solutions for Extremely Heavy and Long Goods

The Intertex Storage System is a storage device with the ability to store heavy and long goods. The Intertex is capable of storing long steel rod, tube, bar, channel, pallets, spools or almost any large and or heavy item to heights over 300” with individual tray capacities over capacities over 11,000 pounds per tray. Stock with extreme dimensions and heavy goods require particularly well-thought-out storage logistics. The flexible design of this industrial storage system makes it possible to make optimal use of the available space; making the most of existing ceiling height and minimizing footprint.

The result: much greater storage capacity and more productive material handling.

Key Features of the Intertex Industrial Storage System

Why Intertex Is a Popular
Pallet Storage System

Flexible solutions can adapt as needs change. This Pallet Storage System also follows this principle when it comes to the storage logistics of particularly heavy loading equipment such as pallets and mesh baskets. 

The flexibility and adaptability of the Towermat means that virtually any material weighing up to 4,545 kg (10,000 lbs) can be stored extremely efficiently on each tray. Optimal productivity in the area of material handling and retrieval is achieved by adapting the unit to the customer’s existing systems and building layout.

Common Warehouse Storage Solution Applications

Large & Flat Design for Storing Sheet Metal

Materials with large surface areas measuring up to 2,000 x 6,000 mm (78.7 x 236 in) are stored in a particularly space saving manner in the Towermat storage lift for sheet metal and are automatically transported to the operator. This allows loads of up to 4,545 kg (10,000 lbs) per tray to be transported simply and safely. The Intertex warehouse storage system by Kardex supplies special designs with one or two storage towers to meet the requirements of different storage volumes.

Space-Saving Solution for Long Goods

User-friendliness is also important when storing long goods. Pipes, steel bars and similar goods, each up to 12,200 mm (480 in) in length, can be very efficiently stored and fully automatically transported. The ability to store loads of up to 4,545 kg (10,000 lbs), the small footprint and the particularly high storage density are all impressive features. The flexible options for adapting the vertical lift system make it possible to meet individual customer requirements, such as creating a direct connection to saws.


Storing heavy, bulky tools is especially challenging: Heavy loads and irregular shapes must be stored in a way that saves space and allows them to be safely put away and retrieved. Adapting the unit perfectly to the specifications of the stored goods and the structural environment brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and speed. The flexibility and performance of the solutions play a key role in optimizing processes.

Space-Saving Storage Solution for Tires

The chain and sprocket carousel has proven especially useful for the storage of tires. The Intermat carousel makes full use of the available room height and depth and is therefore good for highly dense storage. Tire and car manufacturers benefit from fast access to smaller car tires, large aircraft tires and heavy rims. This optimized material flow leads to a long-term increase in overall productivity.

Safe Cable Reel Intralogistics

Cable reels and other heavy round items must be stored safely, not take up too much space and be easily accessible. Intermat is a carousel designed for this purpose and can be installed in pits, outdoor areas or as a T-bridge carousel. The model is particularly user-friendly and safe. Goods are stored and retrieved easily using a loading trolley. In addition, sectional roll-up doors offer protection from unauthorized access or serve as safety gates.

Unused space and long distances interfere with operations and can be expensive. The flexible Intertex Warehouse Storage Solution from Kardex Remstar offers the ideal solution to this problem. Making optimal use of the space – for instance by installing a bridge carousel above the production area, above internal transit routes, or in awkward corners – has a direct impact on increasing efficiency. Get in touch with a member of our team today!