The Perfect AS/RS Solution for
Storage and Picking

A horizontal carousel is an efficient automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), delivering fast reaction times, increased through-put, and short delivery periods. The Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel is designed for fast, reliable, and efficient high-speed picking. Whether in production or distribution, for applications requiring high throughput, or for medium and slow-movers, Horizontal Carousels are the perfect solution.

Benefits of Kardex Horizontal Carousel

Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousels work according to the “goods to person“ principle and deliver the requested items in the shortest possible way directly to the access opening – without any unproductive travel and search times. Combining several orders into a batch will increase picking efficiency to another level. 

Horizontal Carousel Specifications

  • Carrier payload: 600 Ibs (272 kg), 1000 Ibs, (450 kg), 1500 Ibs (680 kg)
  • The usable carrier height of the Horizontal Carousel system is between 6 ft and 12 ft (1.8 m and 3.7 m)
  • Carousel length: 15 ft to 120 ft (4.6 m to 36.6 m)
  • The Horizontal Carousel unit can be between 7.2 ft and 13.5 ft (2.2 m and 4.1 m) high and between 19 ft and 202 ft (5.8 m and 61.6 m) long.
  • Rotational speed: 85 ft (24 m) per minute.

See How A Horizontal Carousel Can Work In Your Space

Applications for Your
Horizontal Carousel AS/RS

To achieve maximum picking performance, Kardex Horizontal Carousels are usually arranged in stations. Depending on the installation size and conception, a number of different unit applications are possible:


Two Horizontal Carousels with the access openings arranged at right angles to each other create a dual station and can be comfortably operated by just one person.

Triple & quadruple stations

Triple stations or quadruple stations are recommended for applications with a wide range of items that require frequent access – the layout is usually L-shaped.


For more comprehensive systems, multilevel stations can meet the requirements of a great variety of different material flow strategies. Multilevel stations – two or three Horizontal Carousels stacked one above the other – allow for picking and putting on different floor levels. Each level operates independently; with separate access and picking stations located at each floor level and on each platform. For uninterrupted material flow between the different levels, conveyors can be used to transport items.

As you can see, the variety of possible combinations with Horizontal Carousels is virtually endless. The experts at V&H Material Handling will gladly meet with you to find the solution best suitable for your individual requirements.

Our Horizontal Carousels Comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

All Horizontal Carousels also comply with the regulations of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that were primarily developed to guarantee the safety of products for the protection of consumers. The Horizontal Carousels fulfill the strict ANSI regulations in many ways: personal protection devices such as floor mats and door locks are easily fitted into standard carousels. The moment an operator steps onto a doormat, the rotational movement of the Horizontal Carousels stops. This also applies if an incorrectly positioned product interrupts the scanning range of the photocells in the access opening.

8 Reasons to Choose A Horizontal Carousel

To find out more information call us or submit an inquiry online. V&H Material Handling is here to help you find the right solution based on your needs.