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Electronic Part and Component Storage

The industries within the field of electronics require the control and management of thousands of small components.  The control of inventory affects the bottom line of any company.  Components need to be stored properly, picked properly, securely stored, allocated properly, placed in arms reach at a convenient location for the final user.  Production and assembly space are typically in high demand in the field of electronics and high density storage has proven to be effective and reliable storage methods for this industry.

Products For Your Electronic Component Storage

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Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Benefits Of Our Electronic
Storage Solutions

Improving Efficiencies

Success or failure is largely determined by the speed to market. Kardex Remstar products get right to the heart of the production process – material flow – providing flexible, precise, efficient solutions that speed delivery times.

Everything Under Control

Even the smallest speck of dust has a chance: we ensure optimum conditions – dry atmospheres, controlled temperatures, cleanroom conditions or a combination of these, even in the immediate production environment. Our systems can speed up access to parts and maintain processing time at the machines, and store semi finished and finished products.

Documentation & Traceability

Systematically combining relevant internal processes creates more efficiency, transparency, and flexibility. Transaction recording and documentation of all transactions guarantees traceability. 

Order Picking

In situations in which every minute counts, dynamic storage manages operations smoothly with high levels of accuracy.

Our applications serve a wide range of customers including administration, automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, electronics, government, healthcare, medical device, oil & gas, and warehouse & distribution. We offer solutions that provide greater profitability.

Additional Electronic Component Storage Resources

Maximize Uptime With Quick Access To Electronic Parts

In operations when every minute counts, automated storage and retrieval solutions can increase productivity by eliminating walk and search time commonly associated with shelving. With the push of a button, the part is delivered to the operator, clean and ready to use, within seconds. To maximize order picking throughput, batch picking allows an operator to fill multiple orders simultaneously.

Customized Solutions For Storage, Buffering, And Retrieval Of Material

A continuously growing variety of tools and parts, ever-changing market requirements, and competitive pressure require more flexible processes in machinery operations. Mechanical and metal engineering organizations need solutions that are exactly matched to work processes to ensure flexibility and profitability.

Electronic Storage Solution
Case Studies

Case study #1

Case study #2

Kitchener, Ontario

Manufacturing and Distribution of projection systems

Two Shuttle VLMs with FastPic Inventory Management Software

With just two Shuttle VLMs there has been a 70% floor space savings, picking is 90% faster, all while keeping employees out of harm’s way.

FlightSafety International
Broken Arrow, OK

Manufacture Flight Simulators

Four Shuttle® Vertical Lift Modules with Pick to Light Technology and Software

Four Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules Increase Inventory Control, Reduce Labor and Increase Accuracy.

Case study #3

Rockwell Automation
Dublin, GA

Storage and retrieval of reels used in SMT manufacturing operations

Two Kardex Remstar vertical carousels with
Rockwell MicroLogix 1500 controllers

Centralized storage in vertical carousels, combined with kitting operations, recovered 73% of floor space while helping increase SMT equipment productivity by 50%

Case study #4

Rohde & Schwarz
Munich, Germany

Optimize the setup process for populating electronic assembly groups with SMDs

12 Megamat RS units and Connecting the Kardex Remstar warehouse management system software to SAP facilitates inventory management

Simple and clearly structured picking process. Throughput increased by more than 50 % with the same number of employees. 100 % error-free retrieval of SMD reels for the setup / removal process. Storage space fill level 90–95 % (storage density). Permanent (real-time) inventory