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We have provided several Videos to help you become more familiar with the products and solutions provided by Kardex.  Please take a moment and get an overview of any specific product, but please contact us for a tailored solution for your current application.

Kardex Remstar Equipment Videos

Vertical Buffer Module: Kardex Remstar LR 35

Frame Pick – A new solution for fast order fulfillment

Highest storage density with the Vertical Lift Module Shuttle XP

The new Vertical Carousel Module Megamat RS

Improve your order picking performance with the Display LED-Navigator

Achieve fast and reliable picking performance with the Horizontal Carousel Module

Power Pick Onboard: The fully integrated inventory management software from Kardex

Why Automate?

Automate to Improve Inventory Control

Automate for Better Ergonomics

Automate to Increase Productivity

Automate to Maximize Space

Automate to Increase Accuracy

Features and Customer Testimonials

Case study: Optimized warehouse and logistics in the New Children's Hospital with Kardex Shuttle

Case study: High speed order picking for Lesley Cosmetics with Kardex Megamat

Case study: Efficient order fulfillment with Kardex Shuttle and Color Picking for KCK Cyklo

Case study: Fast spare parts retrieval for Faymonville customers and employees with Kardex Shuttle

Order Consolidation - Automatic storage of ready-to-ship articles

Boost Your Order Processing for 24-Hour Delivery

Save 80% of your storage area footprint – Consolidation Buffer LR 35

E-commerce: Efficiency is key for leading cosmetics chain Kicks

Efficient Hospital Logistics at the New Children’s Hospital Helsinki

Kardex Remstar Returns Management




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