Vertical buffer module - Mini Load AS/RS

An Order Management System (OMS) Designed For Optimal Performance

The new Vertical Buffer Module product from Kardex Remstar is the ideal solution for picking small parts and small quantities from totes, bins, cardboard boxes, and trays. Nothing compares to its specifications and unique application as a storage device for manual or automated order picking or as a completely automated interface unit for automated buffer storage or fully automated order processing. 

This Mini-Load AS/RS System will change the industry in its entry-level potential for smaller users looking to store and retrieve automatically and on a smaller scale than conventional AS/RS Systems costing millions of dollars.  This unique system is completely modular and scalable for smaller users to large and higher throughput applications. Contact us for more details.

Benefits of the New Automated Picking System

Applications for Your
automated picking system

The Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module is a buffer storage system capable of achieving exceptionally high picking performance and can store and buffer goods of different sizes particularly efficiently. It provides ideal conditions for intelligently putting together assembly kits from various components.

Supplying assembly areas

Pre-picked order bins are placed in an intermediate buffer before assembly, so that orders can be retrieved just in time for continuous component assembly. This prevents incorrectly picked orders and ensures that the right components are always supplied. In combination with your conveyor technology you can create ideal conditions for optimal material flow.

Slow-Mover Management

The goods-to-person principle and high picking performance make the Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module particularly suitable for goods with low turnaround. This makes it possible to pick numerous articles of various sizes in small amounts consecutively.

Kardex Remstar vertical buffer module – Pick small parts quickly and efficiently

Order Management System Unit Components

Select the most suitable access opening for your requirements. Up to four access openings can be fitted on each unit, working together for maximum throughput.

- Picking Station

The turntable is the key element of the picking station. Tilted at a 20° angle, it is particularly ergonomic and thus easy to operate. While the operator is picking the order the next bin or tray is being prepared in the background and placed on the rear shelf of the turntable. As soon as the operator has finished picking one order the turntable rotates by 180° and the next bin is ready for picking.

- Manual Access Opening

The manual access opening is ideal for controlled access to individual bins, containing valuable tools and equipment, in conjunction with user administration.

- Conveyor Connection

This buffer storage system can easily be connected to existing conveyor technology, either for manual storage and retrieval of bins and trays or for automatic operation and transfer to the existing material flow. The connection can be fitted on the front, rear or face side of the unit. The conveyor connection serves to transfer or return the bin/tray to the storage position in the Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module shelf system when transporting to or from an external conveyor system.

- Automated Picking System Unit Software

The Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Module features a modern operating concept with new software architecture and touch display. Faster handling is possible thanks to the capacitive high-resolution touch screen. The efficient and flexible hardware guarantees fast performance. The software is Web-based and can thus be used with a wide range of hardware. New and enhanced functions give users real added value.

Are you interested in learning more about how this order management system can work in your facility? Contact us today so we can help.