Implement Innovative AMR Technology for Total Warehouse Optimization

At V&H Material Handling, we offer our customers Locus Robotics to implement into their warehouse operations. Locus Robotics manufactures autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfillment warehouses. The acquisition broadens the Locus product line of proven and powerful AMR solutions that address use cases from eCommerce, case-picking, and pallet-picking to scenarios requiring larger, heavier payloads and fulfillment modalities.

Benefits of Warehouse Robotics

Flexible – Bots can be easily moved and tested across multiple sites to meet new demand

Customizable – Bots easily and autonomously switch between all types of picking approaches, including batch and discrete order picking

Versatile – Bots can be outfitted and interchanged with any range of totes, containers, shipping boxes, and even coolers

Adaptable – No infrastructure changes are necessary to install this solution. It can also be easily adapted and reconfigured as your processes change

Profitable – Complete work and track metrics and report insights that grow the operation

Key Features for Locus AMRs

  • Wide range of container sizes and types are chosen based on each order (soft, small, hazards, oversized, etc.)
  • Integrated task interleaving for seamless shelf replenishment and restock
  • Onboard scanner ensures a highly accurate process, reducing returns and exchanges
  • Safe in human-centric environments
  • Highly intuitive interface drastically reduces training time for new associates
  • Reduces reverse logistics costs

How Robotic Logistics Improve Your Current Warehouse Operations

To achieve maximum picking performance, Kardex Horizontal Carousels are usually arranged in stations. Depending on the installation size and conception, a number of different unit applications are possible:

Directed Picking

Directed Picking technology optimizes worker productivity by actively directing workers to their next pick location. Directed Picking removes unproductive roaming or patrolling of aisles. Workers are visually guided to their next closest pick opportunity, reducing lost time for repetitive, workflow decision-making and eliminating unproductive walk time.

Putaway Functionality

Ideal for handling labor-intensive returns and restocking through true task interleaving. LocusBots take the disparate return items back into the warehouse, eliminating extra restocking labor time to dramatically increase worker efficiency.

P2P Transport

Locus warehouse robots can easily move your products and inventory, saving unproductive worker walking time without the cost for expensive and inflexible infrastructures found in bolted-down conveyor systems. Locus Transport frees your associates for more valuable roles, eliminating the  unproductive and wasteful walking time.

Mezzanine Management

AMRs make multi-level mezzanine management easy and efficient. Our advanced optimization engine intelligently orchestrates in-level task/pick clustering and directed pick-and-pass across multiple levels and mezzanines. It actively directs LocusBots and workers to follow the most efficient order-picking sequences for optimal productivity.


Locus integrates seamlessly with your existing warehouse infrastructure, quickly configuring the way your organization already works. It seamlessly matches your workflow, routines, and processes. It’s so effective, you’ll see a 2x to 3x increase in productivity and throughput, giving you a quantifiable ROI in less than 12 months.

See How AMRs Work to Optimize Your Warehouse

A Variety of Industries Use Locus for their Robotic Logistics

Locus RaaS program lets you scale as your needs change. Up or down.

Locus Robots as a Service (RaaS)  is the smart, innovative, subscription-based program that makes it easy to add powerful autonomous mobile robotics to your warehouse operation.

Locus RaaS lets you shift capital expenses for automation to operational or labor expenses. The minimal initial investment means a simpler budget approval process and dramatically shortens your time to ROI from years to months.

The Locus RaaS program reduces the typical operational costs and technology barriers usually associated with conventional, capital-intensive automation solutions that often can take years to deploy. You’ll always have the latest software updates and hardware.

Locus’s intelligent automation increases worker productivity, reduces overtime costs, and seamlessly scales as your business grows. See AMRs can work in your facility to improve your daily operations. Give us a call or request a quote today!