Supply Chain Management & Operation Solutions

We Assist With Logistics Management And Supply Chain Consulting

Our Application Engineers have nearly 200 cumulative years of experience with hundreds of successful applications utilizing application specific material handling solutions. We take great pride in partnering with customers for term relationships.

The Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel is designed for fast, reliable, and efficient high-speed picking. Whether in production or distribution, for applications requiring high throughput, or for medium and slow-movers, Horizontal Carousels are the perfect solution.

Some Of The Supply Chain Management Services Our Application Engineers Can Assist With Are:

Operations Audit

This audit can generate a report and recommendations for your operation to operate more efficiently or we can focus on a specific area within your operation to solve specific concerns or problems you are encountering.


Get an understanding of the volume of product you are storing and what type of storage equipment may be best to store the product given the application considerations

Slotting Optimization

Proper slotting can benefit any operation and is a fundamental requirement in the material handling industry. A complimentary audit of your slotting processes can dramatically improve your facilities throughput, accuracy, and capacity without capital investment.

Equipment Recommendations

The proper equipment applied at the right time and the right place can drastically improve the efficiency of any facility. Allow our experts to generate equipment recommendations that will improve your facility.

Alternative Solutions Analysis

Generally there are a few potential solutions to any given problem. Alternative Solutions can provide multiple equipment configurations to compare initial investment to long term justification needs along with the end users long term goals, forecast and objectives.

Justifications Analysis

Many methods are available to help justify equipment acquisitions. Allow our experts an opportunity to provide a variety of justification techniques or your company’s specific justification method.