Wire Mesh & Sheet Metal Partitions

Our Partitions Create Practical Work And Storage Space Where You Need It

Built for maximum durability, the all-steel construction of our partitions resist wear and require no maintenance, saving you valuable time and money. Whether you choose from our standard options or prefer a custom configuration for corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed installations, our experienced staff will make sure you get what’s best for you.

Benefits of Security Cages & Wire Mesh Partitions

Types of Partitions We Offer

Wire Mesh Partition

Corner, three-sided or fully-enclosed, Cogan wire mesh partitions keep your goods secure and your operations productive.

Sheet Metal Partition

Strong and secure, protect your employees from automated machinery or create a confidential storage area with our sheet metal partitions.

(DEA) Drug Storage Cages

Cogan DEA drug storage cages provide the tamper-proof protection you need to keep harmful drugs out of reach.

Robotic Machine Guarding

Form a solid wall of protection around manufacturing and robotics equipment with Cogan robotic machine guard partitions.

Mobile Partitions

Create a temporary security barrier fast with a Cogan mobile partition. Easy and quick to relocate with minimal installation costs.