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We Offer Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets & More for the Energy Industry

The energy market is always evolving. The changes in this industry require precise and accurate inventory control and efficient use of storage space. This market witnesses increased parts inventories to prepare for scheduled shutdowns and emergency repairs while managing constant regulation changes. High density storage organizes the inventory control in this competitive market.

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Benefits of Our Oil & Gas
Storage Solutions

Increased Order Picking

Multiple inventory management techniques including batch picking, pick and pass, parallel picking, static or dynamic batching, host-directed batching and many more can be incorporated in order to make your order processing run exactly according to your needs. Our solutions are designed to be modular and can be integrated in stages into any workflow, regardless of its current level of automation.

Speed and accuracy

With the push of a button parts are delivered to the operator for picking and immediate shipment, eliminating time spent walking and searching through shelves. Pick to light technology directs the operator to the exact pick location, increasing accuracy up to 99.9 %. Faster access to parts and higher pick accuracy maximize oil and gas manufacturing and drilling efficiencies.

Quick access

Kardex Remstar offers a broad selection of automated storage and retrieval systems to keep oil and gas operations flowing smoothly. Our systems provide organized and secure parts storage ensuring maximum part availability.

Driven by an increasing demand to lower prices, oil and gas companies are operating under a strong competitive pressure. Remote locations combined with tight drilling schedules make access to parts a decisive factor in success. From rig manufacturing to drilling productivity: inventory shortages, damaged parts or incorrect shipments can bring drilling operations to a standstill.

We Have the Storage Solutions for Each Sector of Your Mine

More often than not, your department needs to store a lot in a small amount of space. Opt for Rousseau’s hybrid, multi-purpose system of drawers in shelving, which has proven its worth for 25 years. This robust system, which can be assembled quickly, makes the most of each inch of storage space possible and allows you to recover up to 70% of your space.Our 400 lb capacity drawers are heavy-duty and high quality. We offer you a Lifetime Warranty on the rolling mechanism of the drawers. The possibilities for accessorizing your drawers with our patented clip-in partitions and dividers are endless, depending on the shape of your parts. Multiple dimensions and configurations are possible in terms of width, depth and height.

Since you are in charge of maintaining and repairing everything that could break in the mine, you must have the proper tools and a robust and functional workstation. Several arrangements are possible and a wide variety of accessories can be added both above and below the workstation to create the unit that responds perfectly to your needs. Each drawer has a capacity of 400 lb and there is a Lifetime Warranty on the rolling mechanism. You can choose from 6 types of surfaces: painted steel, galvanized steel, laminated wood, plastic laminated, stainless steel and acrylic/PVC. Whether you need a basic table with an open leg and a top or a personalized workstation, fixed or mobile, we have what you need. 

A mechanic’s tool box is without a doubt their most important work instrument. The quality of the tool box should not be neglected. With its unique style, the Rousseau tool box is one of the safest on the market, with its integrated “A” lock-in mechanism on the drawers that can be activated with one hand and the true one-drawer-at-a-time system. Mobile, they are very useful to repair equipment that is too large to be moved or simply fixed in place, enabling you to have all your tools at the right place. Rousseau tool boxes are robust and distinctive. They are designed for intense use in harsh work environments such as mines. They are equipped with the most durable drawer in the industry, with a capacity of 400 lb and a Lifetime Warranty on the rolling mechanism. Please note that it is possible to build a tool box from A to Z. A very large number of dimensions are available, along with numerous accessories such as mag casters and stainless steel drawer fronts.

Rousseau’s multi-purpose workstations are the perfect way to manage the many tasks you balance throughout your work day. Whether maintaining a reception area for visitors and workers or managing administrative documents, our workstations will meet your needs. You can configure your drawers with several accessories such as folder hanging bars, plastic bins, partitions and dividers, foam for tools and drawer locks. Several sizes and surfaces are available: painted steel, galvanized steel, laminated wood, plastic laminated, stainless steel and acrylic/PVC. Moreover, you can choose from among 6 drawer heights. Each “L” drawer has a capacity of 100 lb at 100% drawer extension.

We also have specialized solutions for your field of activity and solutions for other sectors in your mine such as:

  • Assay Lab
  • Geology Department
  • Nursing and First Aid Station
  • Underground Shops and Storage
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Laundry Facility

Our network of Storage Specialists can help you find the right solution, contact us today.

Electronic Storage Solution
Case Studies

Case study #1

Case study #2

Talen Energy Generation
Berwick, PA

Nuclear Power Generation

10 Shuttle® XP Vertical Lift Modules

Eight Shuttle XPs inventory warehouse parts, one to store gasket materials and one climate controlled unit to store circuit cards and circuit boards.

National Oilwell Varco – Rosenberg
Rosenberg, TX

Manufacture and Service Downhole Drilling Motors for Oil & Gas

Two Shuttle® VLMs with Inventory Management Software and Pick-To-Light Technology

Two Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules Reduce 82% Floor Space, Increase Productivity by 64% and Improve Inventory Control

Case study #3

National Oilwell Varco
Houston, TX

Fulfilling Parts Orders for Manufacturing

Three Shuttle® Vertical Lift Modules with Pick-to-Light Technology

Picking manufacturing orders 44% faster using less labor while recovering 70% of previously occupied space