Vertical Warehouse Storage Systems

The lektriever vertical carousel is a type of vertical warehouse storage that has a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files and media to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a barcode. Find out if this high density storage system is the right solution for your space.

Benefits of a Lektriever Vertical Carousel

  • High Density – Presents up to 115 linear filing inches per shelf level saving up to 70% of the valuable floor space
  • Flexible Storage Design – From 8 to 31 carriers available
  • Workstation – An overhead task light for increased visibility
  • Controlled Access – Two-part locking security doors
  • Range of Controls – Multiple styles and levels of controls available from basic push button to PC integration
  • Safety Features – Full light curtain, Emergency Stop Button(s), Two safety touch bars
  • Ergonomic Operation – Electric, mechanical, folding, fixed standing or seated work counter
  • Match Any Decor – Available in any RAL color combination*
  • Software Integration – Can easily integrate software for file and item tracking, bar codes, color code labels and much more

Key Components of Our High Density Storage System

Access Opening 
– Ergonomic access to all kind of information
– Manual or automatic door possible

Customizable Carrier Design
– Efficient organization of carriers for individual storage locations
(e.g., drawers, intermediate shelves or hanging frames)

Personal Protection Light Curtain
– The unit stops operating if the light barrier is activated
– Protects the operator and the inventory

– Different keyboard types available
– Variable position for installation possible

Ergonomic Work Counter Options for Your High Density Storage Systems

Four choices of work counters: fixed, folding, mechanical or electric provides maximum flexibility to meet any organization’s needs.

Fixed Work Counter – Configured in a seated or standing position from the factory.
Folding Work Counter – Configured in a seated or standing position from the factory, but can fold down instantly to provide more aisle space.
Mechanical Work Counter – The mechanical work counter is adjustable between the lowest seated height (29.5”) and the highest standing height (39.4”). The operator can adjust the counter in two inch increments anywhere in between.
Electric Work Counter – One touch operation moves the electric work counter up and down between the seated position (30.31″) and standing position (39.37″) allowing the operator to stop the work counter anywhere in between.

The Lektriever Vertical Carousel’s ADA options meets or exceeds all requirements and guidelines as set forth by ADA. The ADA work counter meets the requirements for forward reach over an obstruction, knee clearance, maximum high forward reach, front approach and side approach.

Common Applications of the Lektriever Vertical Carousel

Storage of documents and files

Often used in the area of services and administration (e.g., in offices or banks) the Lektriever Vertical Carousel facilitates the long term storage of confidential documents and provides the needed media quickly with the push of a button. With files piling up and no room to expand it is the ideal solution that requires minimal footprint and replaces up to 16 four-drawer filing cabinets.

Storage of confidential documents

The storage of documents or evidence in the area of military, government, hospitals or other public institutions is subject to strict regulations. Minimize security breaches and enable a digital transaction history.

Lektriever Vertical Warehouse Storage Controllers and Interface

The Lektriever Vertical Carousel is a High Density Storage System That Offers Multiple Filing & Storage Configurations

A wide range of carrier configurations give the Lektriever Vertical Carousel unmatched flexibility in handling multi-media storage and retrieval requirements.

Lateral Carrier (letter/legal folders)

Lateral carrier for letter or legal side tab with adjustable or fixed position dividers.

Tray Carrier with 60° Lip (folder/cards /trays)

Divided for letter and legal trays

Hanging Frame Carrier (letter/legal folders)

Roll out drawers for suspended letter and legal folders.

Roll Out Drawer Carrier (letter/legal folders with top tabs)

Roll out drawers for letter and legal folders with top tab index.

Tiered Multi Purpose Carrier

Tiered Universal Carriers are ideal for trays, cartons and boxed goods and totes.

Multi-Media Roll Out Drawers

A carrier’s full height may be divided with multiple roll out drawers for fast and easy access.