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About Us

What We Do


We help reduce your business operating costs by implementing solutions that will efficiently and effectively manage your organization’s resources (productivity, floor space, inventory and information). In turn, this allows you to create a better environment for your employees to serve your customers quickly and with excellence. Some ways we can help your business include:


  • Optimizing your facility’s floor space and vertical space

  • Organizing inventory and information to boost productivity and eliminate clutter

  • Improving employee accuracy and reducing errors

  • Enhancing workflow productivity and removing bottlenecks that waste time

  • Establishing systematic information systems to comply with regulations

  • Enhancing security to reduce pilferage

  • Providing ergonomic solutions to enhance productivity and reduce worker compensation claims

  • Improving employee morale to promote industry leadership



Our History


V & H Material Handling, LLC, established in May, 1997 by Tom Spolsky was the result of a desire to assemble a team of singularly focused and experienced professionals within the specialized world of automated and semi-automated storage systems to meet the needs of a growing markets. In fact, even the name chosen for this reflects the mission of the company – Vertical and Horizontal Storage. 


In addition to the team of professionals joining the V & H effort, it was incumbent that we align our efforts with the recognized leader of the industry – Kardex Remstar. Simply put, V & H and Kardex Remstar share a common goal to be the best single supplier for the complete range of automated storage and material flow systems in our market. Professional sales staff, supported by our team of certified service technicians, committed to customer support on a 24/7 basis.


Parallel to our efforts in the industrial and commercial marketplace, we have established an Automotive Division, having selected Rousseau Metals to address the special and unique requirements of both the parts and service operation within these Dealerships.  Again, our customer list within this specialized field provides us with a reference base for any region throughout the state.


The company continued to grow throughout Pennsylvania and into Delaware. For years V&H Material Handling had been recognized by Kardex Remstar for their growth and strong business model.  In 2016 V&H Material Handling, LLC expanded into New York State.


We welcome the opportunity of applying everything we have learned with the most reliable and cost effective equipment to work for you in your facility.

V&H Material Handling is dedicated to providing material handling solutions which are innovative and efficient systems for all types of business to business and government agencies. Headquartered in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, our experienced sales and service associates support our growing customer base by providing reliable and practical solutions while partnering with customers for long term relationships.

V&H Material Handling, LLC

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