Specialized Handling

Specialized Handling features a broad spectrum of storage and handling requirements. The products you store may be oversized, very heavy, very small or fragile. Some products require cold storage, humidity controlled, static free, clean room environments or robotic interfaces. V&H Material Handling specializes in unique environments and our expertise in these areas may benefit your operation and your unique storage requirements.
Discover the vast array of storage and handling solutions available to high density operations:
Handle Long and/or Heavy Load with a Vertical Lift Module
Hospital and Care Centers Shelving and Drawer Systems
Kaiser Permanente Video
Storing Large and/or Heavy Loads
Christie Handles Heavy Loads
Aluminum Extrusion and Tool Handling
Military Bag Handling for
Quick Response and Development
Climate Controlled Environments
Clean Room Environments
Automated Conveyor Interface
Food Handling Storage and Handling
Automated Robotic Interface