Aftermarket Support

V&H material Handling provides a full range of installation, maintenance, training and support services for customers throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.  Our Factory Certified and experienced service technicians are experts on Kardex Remstar, Kardex USA, Remstar and Megastar equipment.  Our Application Specialist offer several complimentary services to assist you in understanding the potential savings and benefits to your operation when utilizing high density storage devices.
Essential Service Plan

These agreements allow our factory certified technicians the ability to inspect, lubricate and adjust your equipment to ensure optimum reliability and uptime. Visiting twice a year you also receive discounts on service labor and service charges along with 24/7 phone support. 

Premium Service Plan

Our CFPM program allows the end user to have a fixed maintenance cost on their Kardex Remstar storage device. This fixed cost includes the Essential Service Program and any breakdown service needed on your device. This program optimizes the efficiency of the storage devices while fixing the costs of ownership.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency service is available to all users of Kardex Remstar products. For end users that understand the benefits of scheduled maintenance, we offer 24/7 phone service support.

Extended Warranty Options

In addition to our two year warranty, we can offer multiple year warranties fixing the cost of ownership long into the future.

Telephone Support

For our scheduled maintenance or CFPM customers we offer telephone support which can generally return a unit to operating condition with simple instructions over the phone. This program is designed to maximize the efficiency of your operation while reducing your operating and maintenance costs.

Operator and Maintenance Training

What is not so obvious to others, is obvious to us. It is critical to have trained operators and in-house support trained in the use and general maintenance of the storage devices. This complimentary training is available to maximize the performance while reducing the cost of ownership of your storage devices.

Installation and Relocation of Equipment

Our factory certified technicians install each unit and ensure it is working perfectly.   Only when your units are installed by factory certified technicians can you be ensured the unit will be operating at optimum performance with the most recent firmware or product improvements.


Project Management

Whether it is the installation of a single storage unit or a complex system, our experts have the experience and knowhow to ensure a smooth transition. The planning before – during - and after a project is critical to the project’s success. Our Project Managers coordinate with your staff the deliverables and expectations for a successful installation. From the preplanning of software requirements, the training of installers to meet your standards, the delivery of equipment, the coordination of multiple trades, to the training of your operators after everything is installed – our project managers are here to help coordinate and communicate each element and deliverable.


Inventory Relocation and Machine Loading

Many applications are operated with minimum labor resources. V&H Material Handling offers the ability to conduct a full or partial parts inventory transfer. We can help transfer your inventory into your storage device from the current locations. This full turn-key service allows you to focus on what you do best – and allows V&H to assist you in obtaining full advantage from the many benefits of high density storage in the shortest time possible.

Application Analysis

Our Application Engineers have nearly 200 cumulative years of experience with hundreds of successful applications utilizing application specific material handling solutions. We take great pride in partnering with customers for term relationships.
Some of the services our Application Engineers can assist with are:
Operations Audit

This audit can generate a report and recommendations for your operation to operate more efficiently or we can focus on a specific area within your operation to solve specific concerns or problems you are encountering.  

Cube Analysis

Get an understanding of the volume of product you are storing and what type of storage equipment may be best to store the product given the application considerations.  

Slotting Analysis

Proper slotting can benefit any operation and is a fundamental requirement in the material handling industry. A complimentary audit of your slotting processes can dramatically improve your facilities throughput, accuracy, and capacity without capital investment.

Equipment Recommendations

The proper equipment applied at the right time and the right place can drastically improve the efficiency of any facility. Allow our experts to generate equipment recommendations that will improve your facility.

Alternative Solutions Analysis

Generally there are a few potential solutions to any given problem. Alternative Solutions can provide multiple equipment configurations to compare initial investment to long term justification needs along with the end users long term goals, forecast and objectives.

Justifications Analysis

Many methods are available to help justify equipment acquisitions. Allow our experts an opportunity to provide a variety of justification techniques or your company’s specific justification method.