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New Products from KardexRemstar

LED Navigator

The new Display LED-Navigator option provides the operator with multi-colored, event-related information at the right time. The Display LED-Navigator covers the entire width of the access opening. All relevant information is displayed directly in the operator's immediate field of view.  The new Display LED-Navigator provides improved and completely new functionalities compared to previous picking aids and position indicators:

  • Multi-Colored Display

  • High-Resolution LED Panels

  • CJK Fonts / Character Support (for China, Japan & Korea)

  • Pick Countdown: shows the remaining time until the next pick. This function is exclusively available on our Kardex Remstar units.

  • Access Ready: indicates when the access opening is "ready" for picking

  • Confirmation Feedback: additional, visual feedback on the display when confirming an article pick or put

  • Color Information: supports software-based picking strategies, such as Color Picking

  • Displays messages (i.e. - operator and warning notices, and service information and much more).

LR 35

The LR 35 is an industry innovation.  Nothing compares to its specifications and unique application as a storage device for manual or automated orderpicking or as a completely automated interface unit for automated buffer storage or fully automated order processing.  This Mini-Load ASRS System will change the industry in its entry level potential for smaller users looking to store and retrieve automatically and on a smaller scale than convention ASRS Systems costing millions of dollars.  This unique system is completely modular and scalable for smaller users to large and higher throughput applications.  Contact us for more details.

Intertex Storage Systems

The Kardex Remstar drive for excellence does not allow us to stand still.  In 2015 Kardex Remstar introduced a storage device with the ability to store heavy and long longs in high density storage.  The Intertex is capable of storing long steel rod, tube, bar, channel, pallets, spools or almost any large and or heavy item to heights over 300” with individual tray capacities over capacities over 11,000 pounds.


New Products from Rousseau

R-Go Motorized Toolbox

The motorized toolbox was specially designed to safely transport heavy loads over long distances. With variable speeds, emergency stop, automatic stop, horn, our One-Drawer-at-a-Time System and integrated lock-in mechanism, all our user safety features have been integrated to prevent collisions with people and surrounding objects. Upon releasing the handle, the electromagnetic brakes stop the toolbox immediately on both flat and sloped surfaces. 

R-Go Motorized Platform

The R-Go Motorized Platform has been specially designed to safely transport heavy loads over long distances. Built to the highest quality standards, the R-Go Platform boasts superior durability and motor reliability. The motor can run for 20km/12.5 miles on battery.

R2V Vertical Storage

Designed to be stacked on top of an R cabinet, R2V Vertical Storage helps you to maximize use of the vertical space you have available. The drawers open to maximum extension, which eliminates the hard-to-reach areas found in traditional shelf storage and ensures you have full access to the contents.

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